We guide product development from formulating requirements to qualification campaigns and planning IOV/IOD missions.

Entering the space market requires knowledge of specific requirements, standards or industrial practices, as well as an in-depth understanding of the way they interact. We are helping stakeholders get a clear grasp on the particularities of the space domain when adapting or bringing new products and services to market and formulate detailed development plans to make it happen. Our collaborators can confirm our team’s ability to handle a wide range of space applications.

  • Understanding mission or product requirements
  • Requirements definition and consolidation
  • Proposing concepts, architectures and designs
  • Identification of materials and processes suitable for the (space) environment
  • Elaborating manufacturing, assembly and integration procedures
  • Elaborating test and qualification plans
  • Support in identifying facilities for manufacturing to testing
  • Support in EGSE, MGSE or facility design or procurement (clean rooms, TVACs, shakers)