GNSS Based Timestamping for SST Observations

Whether we speak about asteroid occultation, near-Earth objects, space detritus or reentering space debris observations, a precise time stamping of the survey and tracking telescope images becomes extremely important for the accuracy of the derived astrometry products. Although existing timestamp solutions that are based on Network Time Protocol can still be used in most astronomy observations, SST applications require accuracy in the sub-millisecond domain. Therefore, it is required to increase the accuracy and precision for the SST applications as much as possible.
RISE proposes a solution to this problem by developing a device that is both capable of providing time stamps with an accuracy in the sub-microsecond order and perform real-time data handling while providing a PC user friendly interface that allows full control over the hardware and its functions in all operating systems.
The project is developed by a consortium led by the Romanian InSpace Engineering SRL and the European Space Agency and seeks to deliver by the beginning of 2021 the finalized product.