Space grade GNSS receivers, with varying degrees of functionality have been available on the micro and small satellite market for several years. The demand for such systems is firstly derived from the most sought application of these satellite classes: precise formation flying and PVT correlated measurements in a spatially distributed network.

Furthermore, the IOD potential of these satellites, makes them the ideal target for experimental missions testing for close orbital manoeuvres, for collision avoidance as safety procedures and even for docking. Once demonstrated, these technologies open up new possibilities for deorbiting, in orbit servicing applications, close orbit monitoring and inspection of large targets (i.e. ISS) and even fragmented spacecraft.

RISE’s solution features a low-cost, COTS-based, Precise Point Positioning, multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS receiver for micro and small satellites, allowing ≤10 cm positioning accuracy on a low Earth orbit.