Our first major piece of equipment, VaQube-1 was delivered. More details here.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an important partner for a small start-up company trying to bring its ideas to market. We are using our internal intellectual property rights to offer compelling solutions to targeted calls as either primes or subcontractors. We are also targeting the industrial incentive schemes as support in the development of internal ideas to products for the end users.


As a new company we take pride in being selected by the European Space Agency as a prime for MARGOT – Multipath & Interference Error Mitigation Techniques for Future Maritime e-NAV Services. The project aims to monitor the GNSS environment in real life maritime navigation services, to develop models and methods for mitigation against errors in positioning.

The project started in February 2018 and is planned to be completed in less than two years.


RISE wants to bring the application of the space sector closer to the general public and AGORA represents the means to leverage the GNSS experience of the company and the ubiquity of precise position enabled smart devices towards a complete and integrated software solution for coordinating events with a high number of attendees. The project is financed jointly by ESA and RISE and seeks to deliver by the end of 2019 a unified framework and application to support social and organizational aspects of events with large public participation.