Our first major piece of equipment, VaQube-1 was delivered. More details here.

ESA projects

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an important partner for a small start-up company trying to bring its ideas to market. We are using our internal intellectual property rights to offer compelling solutions to targeted calls as either primes or subcontractors. We are also targeting the industrial incentive schemes as support in the development of internal ideas to products for the end users.

Segetuza – Rocket payload

The aim of this project is to successfully launch and receive data from a dart rocket set to reach an altitude of 50 km. Its payload consists of a camera that will capture 360-degree panoramic images, to record the evolution of the rocket for the entire mission. In addition, sensors have been integrated to record environmental data, such as radiation level, pressure, temperature, acceleration and magnetic field variations.

Stratospheric Balloons

In cooperation with our partners, we were involved in building and launching several stratospheric balloons. Our payload consisted most often of a picoAPRS module, a video camera and an Arduino-based GPS logger. These balloon serve as a primary platform for testing some components to be later integrated on nano-satellites, as well as building operational experience for future missions.