Development for space requires verification in a relevant environment, but facility renting can add risks in terms of availability, cost and project schedule. Our response to this need is VaQube, a cost effective installation for thermal and vacuum testing that is usually shipped in less than 6 months from order. Our ability to offer VaQube at a highly competitive price point is based on directly engaging with the customer and tailoring the installed ports and auxiliary equipment to precise needs, while cutting back on unnecessary auxiliaries.

VaQube vibration-free vacuum chamber

We believe in deep and continuous communication with the customer to obtain an in-depth understanding of his operations, products and future expected developments. This helps us ensure a clear path to customized facilities, which are easy to upgrade in terms of features and performance.


  • Aerospace
  • Satellite or subsystems
  • Antenna
  • Nanotechnology
  • Automotive


  • 60l internal volume
  • pressure < 1e-5hPa
  • Temperature range: -50 to 150 0C (chiller) -196 to 200 0C (LN2)
  • pumping system
    • dual stage pump
    • 3rd stage ion pump option (no vibration)
  • optical windows/feedthroughs
  • automated operation of pumps and/or valves

Configuration options

  • thermal plate
  • thermal shroud add-on
  • user defined size and shape
  • user defined ports and interfaces:
    • USB/D-sub connector (DB9)
    • thermocouplesRF (SMA/BNC)
    • mechanical
    • linear/rotary
  • logging of pressure and temperature
  • spectrum analyzer