Our first major piece of equipment, VaQube-1 was delivered. More details here.

Based on our experience with developing nano and small class nanosatellite subsystems we have started working on bringing to market standardized CubeSat components. Our aim is to offer low cost, ready to fly and easy to integrate products with competent support.

We are finalizing our design and production for CubeSat:

  • on board data handling and on-board computer;
  • a high accuracy positioning subsystem;
  • high accuracy CubeSat orbit deployer.
  • We consider in orbit servicing as the next convergence point in the evolution of the space sector. We are targeting the enhancement of deployment, lifetime, quality of service and functionality of space assets through a series of demonstrative milestones to be performed on CubeSat missions. The program we pursue is a push towards temporal and functional extension of planned operations, enhanced orbital debris mitigation and even reusability.