Our first major piece of equipment, VaQube-1 was delivered. More details here.


We offer technical and managerial consultancy for transforming ideas into products and applications targeting the space sector. Romania’s status as an ESA full member state has offered access for local industrial entities to the common European space market. However although they have the technical expertise, plenty of Romanian organizations are not familiar with the procedures, terms and ESA’s way of doing business.

RISE is determined to offset this disadvantage by offering coherent and complete consulting services for any company. Either using in-house competences or international partner organizations we can help to quickly develop and launch products and services utilized in the space sector or with a potential for utilization on either the space or the ground segments.

Subsystems for space

Based on our experience with developing nano and small class nanosatellite subsystems we have started working on bringing to market standardized CubeSat components. Our aim is to offer low cost, ready to fly and easy to integrate products with competent support.

We are finalizing our design and production for CubeSat:

  • on board data handling and on-board computer;
  • a high accuracy positioning subsystem;
  • high accuracy CubeSat orbit deployer.

We consider in orbit servicing as the next convergence point in the evolution of the space sector. We are targeting the enhancement of deployment, lifetime, quality of service and functionality of space assets through a series of demonstrative milestones to be performed on CubeSat missions. The program we pursue is a push towards temporal and functional extension of planned operations, enhanced orbital debris mitigation and even reusability.

Infrastructure support

We are also working on enabling disruptive prices for verification and test facilities as means to enable access to the space market for small companies. Our primary product being developed is an low-cost versatile thermal-vacuum chamber for testing components or subsystems to the operating conditions of space.

We offer support in setting up and conducting the AIT campaigns for projects. We also have the experience of building up low cost facilities for integrating and testing nano and small satellites, or subsystems for them. Together with the client, we can design and manufacture custom installations for thermal vacuum testing, mechanical verifications or assembly/integration in a clean room environment.

Watch our webpage for updates on when these products have completed verifications and are available for commercialization.

Monitoring & automation (IOT)

Our expertise enables us to support organizations or individuals to remotely monitor and operate processes and tasks. We offer customizable solutions tailored to the needs of your company from status telemetry logs to on-the-fly actions over the internet. We are committed to support a wide array of industries, from environmental monitoring of clean room and assembly installations to solar panel steering and power management.