About us

RISE is a start-up established in 2017 by researchers with complementary professional backgrounds and proven experience on a multitude of space related projects. The company represents the effort of the founding members to spin their past experience, as a team in a Romanian space national research institute, towards the industrial and commercial applications of the same domain.


As a company started by a group of researchers, R&D projects represent one of the main two pillars of the company. An equally important role is in the services the entity provides to third parties in the form of consultancy, development of custom design elements and automation software. In the context of Romania recently becoming an ESA member state, the services RISE provides augment the capability of local entities to enter on a common European space market.

Not emphasized in the organization of the company, but of major importance is the development of the human resources, in the form of public outreach and education. The organization intends to initiate agreements with the universities in order to formalize the practice of providing students with advice and hands on training as internships on running projects.

We are determined to grow but we also want to stay focused so we are sustainable on the long run. Drop us an email if you want to join the team or want to chat on a subject related to our activities. We are always fond of interesting discussions.

The core team

RISE was founded by 4 experienced researchers to serve as a catalyst for evolving research from basic and rough ideas to commercial products and services. They have a vast experience in space technology projects management either on national grants, either on ESA projects. With a perfect mix of background experience based on physics, aerospace engineering, electronics and software development, the team has put the basis of the first Romanian nanosatellite.

Background pillars

As a young company RISE’s experience comes from its founders.