This page is updated as necessary, in order to inform the amateur radio community how to receive and decode signals generated by our projects and experiments. This is particularly useful for upcoming stratospheric balloon launches or other APRS tests. For any inquiry on this topic, please send an email to ham at roinspace dot com.

Next launch is planned for November 2nd, near Stalpu, Buzau, 10:00 local time. Relevant payload details are included below.

1. Reprogrammed RS41 radiosonde

  • Consists of a recovered Vaisala RS41 radiosonde, using software developed by OM3BC.
  • APRS 432.500MHz, callsign YO4ESC-15, rate 2/min.
  • RTTY 434.500MHz (baudrate 50 bps, shift 540MHz, 7 data bits, parity none, 2 stop bits).  FL-Digi can be configured as presented on Rate: 2/min.
  • CW 434.500MHz (identification only), rate 1/min.

2. LORA APRS tracker

  • Consists of an LILYGO® TTGO T-Beam V1.2 with stock antenna.
  • LORA APRS: 433.775 MHz, spreading factor 12, bandwidth 125kHz, coding rate: 5, power 100 mW.
  • More info on tracker (and iGate):

3. VHF APRS tracker

  • Consists of an picoAPRS v3 (1W), with SRH-815 antenna.
  • APRS 144.8MHz, callsign YO4ESC-12, rate 3/min.

Predicted flight path (via