Our team has a considerable history of conducting environmental and functional testing for products we developed or projects where we were partners, mostly related to space requirements. The experience of our team expands beyond running qualification or acceptance campaigns for products. Supplementary, RISE engineers have done considerably work on the definition of test plans, test procedures and qualification plans of both materials and processes. We have thus a complete knowledge of facilities available, their capabilities and the suitability to the various test particularities a specific type of product might require. This extends not only to the facilities for verification, but also to those for manufacturing, assembly, and integration. We also have the experience of designing and building low cost facilities for integrating and testing nano and small satellites, or subsystems for larger satellites (i.e. clean room, thermal vacuum installations).

  • Identify requirements for your facility;
  • Design it and integrate it in record time;
  • Design automation;
  • Formulate equipment operational procedures.

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Thermal vaccum test chamber