Our first major piece of equipment, VaQube-1 was delivered. More details here.

The team consolidated around building the first CubeSat in Romania and the 4 founders of the company are the core team that, through its ups and downs, brought the aspirational idea to the launch pad. Many of the ambitions technological targets of GOLIAT were not a success, but the project brought an immense set of knowledge covering all aspects of developing a spacecraft: from requirements definition to follow through until the assembly integration and testing, from subsystems design to environmental verifications and from international space law to ground station operations and communications. This enabled the development of national and ESA research projects, including the preliminary concept of a harpoon for CubeSat landers and moving from nanosatellite subsystems to a larger satellite class as part of collaboration with SSTL. Past knowledge is an asset we are determined to build upon and further advance the internal experience of old and new team members.