Romanian InSpace Engineering SRL – RISE – is a company founded by a group of 4 researchers with complementary professional backgrounds and proven experience on a multitude of space related projects. The company represents the effort of the founding members to spin their past experience, as a team in a Romanian space national research institute, towards the industrial and commercial applications of the same domain.

The team. We have found like-minded individuals and the start-up has grown to more than 20 employees working on both products and applications with diverse use cases. Our staff shares a common passion for solving difficult problems and dedication to apply ourselves to our partners’ challenges. The expertise offered is built around a strong staff, with members of our core team leading research and development activities for more than a decade and engaging the European space sector even before Romania became a full member state of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Our goal – expanding the horizons. RISE is dedicated to taking the new technologies frequently found in the space sector closer to public and business in real-world applications. We apply our heritage on space research projects to constantly develop and improve a series of products and services addressing the markets of safety, security, space, and space applications. We integrate new technologies from complementary fields into coherent products. We adhere to our goal of expanding horizons with both internal projects and collaborations with other parties. RISE helps your organization solve problems and get to market faster than the competition with our accelerated development cycle:
● Rapidly prototype ideas
● Test and validate
● Iterate to refine designs
● Deliver and improve based on user feedback

We take pride in our engineers being able to deliver fully customized solutions in record time by involving cohesive teams with diverse expertise. At the same time we continue to grow our core space business and RISE now has an increasing portfolio of projects successfully completed, many of them with the European Space Agency.