More than 100 experts from the security and IT&C governmental organizations attended the “RF Technologies, Products and Solutions Presentation – Applications in Countering Drone Threats” event organized by Tejas Development together with RISE and RFCore. We had a chance to showcase some of our most ambitious projects and our security related technologies to a highly specialized audience. The event proved to be a valuable opportunity in initiating potential collaborations to develop multi-disciplinary solutions to the growing number of threats in these areas. Together with RFCore, a South Korean developer of RF components, modules and radar solutions, we proposed to integrate their specialized technologies in complex systems for monitoring and countering threatening UAVs/UASs.
We base our product development on a strong partnership with Septentrio and our portfolio complements their series of GNSS receivers. Our combined offer consists of products that are reliable and easy to integrate in a variety of solutions and have built-in interference mitigation and security against jamming and spoofing. For more information about our products and solutions targeting security areas or possible collaborations, please contact us.
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