Our colleagues have delivered today VaQube-1, our first major piece of equipment for conducting tests on products for space. The main component of the installation is a vacuum chamber for long duration tests, built based on the requirements of the client, as it will be used for contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA). Our AIT facilities team was able to design, manufacture, test and deliver the product within 6 months from the order.

VaQube-1 is a compact, highly integrated testing installation reaching a pressure of less than 1e-5 hPa, to be used in qualification campaigns in line with the European space industry standards (ECSS). It features a two-stage pump for reaching the required pressure and an ion pump for maintaining these conditions for long duration tests and without any vibrations. The VaQube-1 installation also includes the control unit hosting pump command, the pressure sensor, the data interfaces and the automation circuit. The 60l chamber can be easily upgraded with a proprietary thermal shroud if it needs to also be used for thermal cycling.

The VaQube series products can be customized to the application of the customer. The in-depth tailoring of requirements allows RISE to offer testing facilities at highly competitive prices, while also ensuring the ability to upgrade installations with new features. RISE can also provide support to potential customers in identifying facilities for the acceptance/qualification campaigns, including mechanical and irradiation tests, at the premises of our partners.

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