Today we have finished the assembly and testing of our first product for the mass market: the High Accuracy Positioning Pi HAT. The HAPPi HAT is a Raspberry Pi extension board targeting autonomous rovers and UAVs offering sub-decimetre positioning accuracy in a compact and low-power device. For developing the HAPPi HAT we have leveraged years of experience in GNSS signal processing with our capabilities of high skilled electronic design. The board utilizes a professional grade GNSS receiver to compute solutions based on multiple satellite constellations, using the whole GNSS spectrum, being also capable of receiving RTK augmentation from the host Raspberry Pi.
The most important features of the device are:

  • RTK based precise positioning (might require RTK subscription and internet access)
  • Multi-constellation GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
  • Multi-frequency: All signals from GNSS constellations and L-band
  • Dual RF antenna input
  • 5V power supply (also via micro USB connector)
  • USB and 2x RS-232 serial interfaces
  • MicroSD autonomous logging
  • Capable of stand-alone operations

The plug-and-play solution offers professional levels of precision in position and timing at unparalleled cost.
HaPPi is based on Saphire, our receiver meant for applications requiring a self standing unit with an RJ-45 network interface.
For queries on availability or additional features please contact us at 

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