Today we had a public presentation of the Iaso COVID-19 Response Platform as part of the Sol-2020 Matchmaking Day event organized by UEFISCDI – the financing authority for R&D in Romania. The final presentation of the solution our consortium proposed took place in September 2020, when the full platform was demonstrated in real time with officials from the Ministry of Education and Research, the Romanian Space Agency, the Ministry of Health and the Special Telecommunications Service.

Iaso is an integrated informatic system for tracking and modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic and limiting its effects. The accelerated development was led by the Institute of Space Science with RISE, the National Public Health Institute and ANM as partners. The project started in June and finished in September 2020. Iaso has implemented three major objectives under a deployable centralized platform:

  • anonymized contact tracing and monitoring of gatherings for overcrowding events,
  • modelling and forecasting of the pandemic, 
  • online triage of persons seeking to enter public institutions.

  • ​Iaso is building on top of CovTrack, the mobile phone application we developed and released in spring for anonymized and de-centralized contact tracing to limit the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus. RISE has leveraged its experience in developing privacy-focused approaches to contact tracing and the monitoring of crowds. The work was further focused on the development of a suitable backend infrastructure that integrated the work of our partners on the SIR module, the triage algorithm and the GIS data representation. The overall Iaso Platform offers a cohesive suite of services that presents the user with actionable information.


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