We are proud to notice that the website of the European Space Agency​​​​​​​ recognizes our efforts of rapidly re-orienting our background experience in space towards mitigating, at least in part, the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. CovTrack is a contact tracing application for mobile devices notifying users of potential interactions with confirmed COVID-19 patients and helping them decide if self-isolation is necessary when exposures are confirmed. The application has at its foundation our Agora suite – the integrated platform dedicated to the management of large events, offering benefits for both participants and organizers. Both applications leverage the use of GNSS data and the integration of other sensors in mobile devices.

CovTrack uses a decentralized approach in which all interactions are stored locally on the user device and only unidentifiable markers of confirmed patients are stored on a centralized national server. The application meets to European Privacy Values, putting the user in control of all its data.

Although these are challenging times, we are confident that contributions of numerous teams from all over the world are going to both limit the effects of the pandemic and reduce its duration.

The full post on ESA’s webpage is available here.

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